Now Available… “25 Year Anniversary” Cartoon Maps of the Half Moon Bay Coastside!

In Commemoration of its Silver Anniversary: 1994 – 2019

Vintage Original First Edition 18″x24″ Full Color Raster Print on Heavy Gloss Stock, Autographed by Coastside Artist Keith Impink.

25 Years Ago Keith Impink hand illustrated the almost famous Cartoon Map of the Half Moon Bay Coastside, featuring the downtown shopping district, the coastline to Princeton, including the then “town secret” Mavericks wave and thousands of personalized details.

While Not Drawn to Scale, this whimsical work of art captures from the artist’s perspective a snapshot of “a day in the life” of bustling Main Street and Kelly Avenue, with neighboring streets, complete with churches, schools, cemeteries and more than one hundred and twenty participating businesses. So step back in time and into the imaginative mind of a Half Moon Bay born artist.

This Year Marks a ‘Quarter Century’ since the completion of this insane project. And to commemorate, Keith is offering FOR SALE to the first come first served, a handful of original first edition maps that he has kept sealed in his poster vault just for this occasion.

Don’t miss out… order your Map today! This unique art poster print will make a cherished gift and is a rare and charming piece of the Half Moon Bay Coastside’s history.

Only $10 for 1 Poster or $20 for 3 Posters! Plus $15 Shipping (up to 5 posters per tube.)

Available only while limited supply lasts… These maps were printed 25 years ago and will never ever be printed again.

All Maps are Personally Hand Autographed by artist and come shipped in a tube.

The Story Behind The Map

This Was Not The First Town I Illustrated. However with previous projects I was hired to just draw the map, while a team of sales people would hit the streets for a month and did sales calls then afterwards they handled the collections. For this map I decided since I already know so many in town having designed many of their logos, signs and designs, it seemed to make sense to just do the sales part myself.

Going Door to Door Turned Out to be Quite a Huge Endeavor as I would need to return to a location sometimes a half dozen times only to not close the sale!… and I had to go to everyone as I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who would want the opportunity to get on the map.

Then I Had the Logistics of Photography to Handle. Most everything was photographed from ground level and at great expense as there was no digital photography available back then. So I had to use regular film and instant Polaroids which were about a dollar each!

We Didn’t Have Drones Back Then of course so I opted for a wild and memorable ride with a local pilot which allowed me the opportunity to take pictures of town from all sorts of elevated angles.

To Date I Have Drawn Seven Towns but it’s been awhile since the last one, and I wonder if I will ever draw another. Every so often I get tempted as the use of modern computers, software, digital cameras, technology and drones would make the project almost feasible… but then doesn’t all that defeat the real purpose?

On the Back of the Map is a Directory. It is interesting to read as many businesses still exist, and those that have gone are forever part of coastside history. I really enjoyed visiting every location, though sometimes several times, and getting to know the townsfolk. And as a bonus I picked up work anf new clients. I especially enjoyed the plane ride and also got to stay at bed and breakfasts, traded for good food and services when necessary, and met hundreds of people.

The Half Moon Bay Cartoon Map was illustrated in watercolor, pen ‘n ink and I used a little basic computer design on the signs. Since I had designed many of the signs and logos that appear on the map, I found that I had an advantage. This project took six months to complete.

It cost about $300 to be on the map and each participating merchant got a small stack of maps; enough that if they sold them for just a few bucks each they would break even. As it has worked out, many of them actually made a profit and are benefiting from this marketing exposure even to this very day, and conceivably will continue well into the future. A wise advertising investment I would say indeed.

I Printed About 10,000 Maps as I remember and have kept 300 of them in my flat file, 200 of which I am selling now, and the last 100 I will keep until 2044 when I will pull the remainder out again to sell. That will be 25 years from now commemorating the 50 Year Anniversary of the Half Moon Bay Cartoon Map.

Only $10 for 1 Poster or $20 for 3 Posters! Plus $15 Shipping