About Designer Keith Impink


Like Many Locals Impink was raised in a large family on the coastal bluffs of Half Moon Bay. He often attended school from kindergarten through high school, and even on to a little college, as he grew up and lived a typical day-to-day life. His youth was ordinary with school, family, vacations, playdoh, pets, picking peas for Louie, skating down Isabella, rummaging after hours for bicycle parts at the Poplar Beach Landfill, and endless time spent riding mini bikes, dirt bikes, unicycles and go karts.

Impink Recounts Memories of climbing the flattop trees, surfing a little and getting worked at Ross’, swinging on ropes at the quarry and many years of scouting, judo, delivering newspapers and alter boy service. He doesn’t seem to mind that he wasted countless hours running circles around a track, and hanging out with friends, having BB-gun wars at Hatch’s, bonfires at lower point, partying on the hill and weekend cruising mustangs on the El Camino.

Besides All This, Impink was especially interested in drawing, drawing and drawing… anything and everything art! Perhaps his most influential experiences during those early formative years was being introduced to various artists, painters and musicians and being exposed to their work, approach, and craft. Ever since he educated himself wherever possible from formal school, mentors, collaborating with other artists, practice and first hand professional experience. Now days we have YouTube with endless instructional videos and inspiring creativity.

Around 1980 While Still in High School Impink opened his first Art Studio located in the Strawflower Shopping Center, offering screen printed garments, banners, real estate signs and designs. Friends, family and the police may remember that the Studio doubled as a private video arcade and was crammed full of popular video game consoles, foozball, air-hockey and lots of time wasting but fun distractions..

In the 1990’s Keith got married to Holly and together they raised their family in Calaveras and on the coast, while he pursued the arts, high profile clients and dabbled in the design and coding of endless websites.. Impink has also dedicated himself to several startups and projects as an entrepreneur, with his focus on marketing and brand.

Today, Impink’s Work is Held in Private Collections Coast to Coast… and can be found in the bottom of thousands of dusty drawers, bird cages, boxes and closets.


A Message From Keith Impink

“I am pleased that my career focus is now gravitating back to what I enjoy most; providing my services and marketing expertise to business owners, entrepreneurs and merchants who are ready to invest in quality signs, fitting logos and high impact brand elements.

Over the years I have pursued and experimented with all varieties of art, media and creative expressions. I have drawn, painted, carved, screen printed, airbrushed, chiseled, coded, typeset, created printed prototypes in 3d CAD, developed film in darkrooms and so much more…

Since the 80’s I have designed tons of promotional materials for the rock n roll industry for greats like Bob Dylan, the GooGoo Dolls, Jackson Browne, Lynyrd Skynyrd and dozens of notable bands, performers and legends. And I have met and had the good fortune to be taught by or collaborate with many of the best artists of our era.

I have delved endlessly into portraiture, folk & fine art , cartooning, 3d, music composition, developing inventions and helping build businesses and brand. I am a co-founder of Rock N Roll Tequila and was its primary creative force for many years.

I have met some interesting folks. Some were famous in music and sports. I have designed for NASCAR, Carroll Shelby, Elvis Presley Enterprises and so many others that I flat out forget ’em. I even followed the Dead across country… I am sure I don’t remember much of that long strange trip either!”




Vintage Half Moon Bay Cartoon Map Now Available for Purchase!

25 years ago in 1994, Keith Impink illustrated the famous Half Moon Bay Cartoon Map. This year 2019 marks a Quarter Century since his completion of this whimsical project. To commemorate, Keith is offering FOR SALE a few Original First Edition Maps that he has kept sealed in his poster vault just for this historical occasion.

Don’t Miss Out… Order Your Map Today! This unique art poster print will make a great gift and is a rare and charming piece of the Half Moon Bay Coastside’s history.

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